Evangelical Church Of Maraland Krizyhpa Thyutlia Py

Evangelical Church Of Maraland Krizyhpa Thyutlia Py, HQRS: Siaha (Gov’t Regd. No. SR.211/93/MZ-RES)

 The ECM KTP, in accordance with the ECM Assembly Constitution Chapter 24:2,1, was established so that the youth can participate in the ministry of the Lord. The Krizyhpa Thyutlia Py was initially called “Satlia nata Laihsa Py,” under the initiation of Mr. H. Zacho and Mrs Chaipy Nohro with the endorsement of the Mara pioneer missionaries on the 10th June, 1947. The association was also called “Satlia akaona nata Laihsa akaona Py.” It was first led under the leaderships of Mr. H. Zacho, the first President, Mrs. Chiapy Nohro, the first Vice President and Mr. H. Solomon, the first Secretary. The first Guide Book of KTP was made on the 20th July, 1951. The headquarters of the ECM KTP is in the ECM Office, Saiha at the present.

The ECM KTP functions under the Chairmanship of the President, who is nominated by the Nomination Board of the ECM Assembly for a period of two years. Likewise, the Secretary is also nominated by the same whereas the duration is for three years, and also that the Secretary is a theologian working in the ECM Assembly Office as a full time worker. Within the ECM KTP Hqrs., the Office Bearers are: the President, Vice President, Secretary, Asst. Secretary, Finance Secretary and Treasurer. Other than the Secretary and the President, the rest are being elected in the KTP Conference. Every pastorate nominates two Executive members, and there are six (6) members called Town Executive Committee members from Saiha. In every local Church there are ECM KTP branch that acts as the right hand of the Local Church, providing a good Choir as singing is one of the main ministry of the KTP.

MEMBERSHIP: Enrolment to ECM KTP member is allowed to the ECM communicant member between the ages of 14-50.

AIMS AND PURPOSES: 1. To be the right hand of the Church, 2. To help the needies, 3. To organize a good choir

MOTTO OF THE ECM KTP: Ambassador for Christ (II Kor. 5:20)

CONFERENCE: ECM KTP hosts conference every after one year in which Agenda from the branches are being discussed. The conference makes resolutions for one year projects. Annual finance estimation is made within which every branch is given a target in accordance with their strength. The conference is strengthened with fellowships in which the members love to participate, and which is the occasion all the member eager awaits. In the absence of this Conference, the Hqrs. organized Special Executive Committee, the functions of which are more or less the same. In this Special Executive Committee, beside all the Executive committee members, two members from every branch are able to participate.

ACTIVITY: The ECM KTP, being the right hand of the Church, perform social works, cleaning the Church, helps the needies, works out an outreach programmes for seeking the lost souls, organizing fellowships in the homes of the bereaved families. Beside these, every KTP Branch meets together for fellowship on Friday evening. At present, the ECM KTP Hqrs. gives sponsorship to three missionaries (1) James Thansanga- Tripura, (2) Bim Rai- Nepal, (3) Rev. Thanghaulian Suantak- FMPB.


President Elder V.Samson
Vice President Mr. Vabeikhaihmo Solo
Secretary Ms. Ellen Hlychho (Fulltime Worker)
Asst. Secretary Local Elder Thaly T. Azyu
Finance Secretary Local Elder H. Lalfakzuala
Treasurer Ms.Lalmuanzuali Solo
Executive Secretary i/c KTP Rev.V.L.Ngaia Hlychho
Senior Advisors 1) Rev. FC. Beichô
2) Elder Beimosa Azyu


These are the sub-Committees under the KTP Hqrs:

  1. Music Sub-committee
    2. Building Sub- Committee
    3. De-Addiction Sub- Committee
    4. Diamond Jubilee Souvenir board

Budget for 2012 : Rs. 7,50,000/-

Project for 2012:

These are the resolutions of the KTP 2012:-

  1. Every branch should organize an outreach programme within their respective locality towards drug/alcohol abusers and drugs/alcohol peddlers in their respective homes.
    2. The ECM KTP Conference Diamond Jubilee Souvenir is to be organized.
    3. Seminar on “Look East Policy and Maraland” should be organized within 2012.
    4. Essay competition for KTP Conference Diamond Jubilee with the topic “ECM KTP Vision, 2030” is to be organized.
    5. To help the ECM Higher Secondary School with Plastic Chairs.
    6. Every ECM KTP Branch should perform complete Bible reading.
    7. Blood Donation programmes should be continued.
    8. Every KTP Branch should donate one day salary for continuation of constructing the KTP House (beyond annual Budget estimation).
    9. ECM KTP Hqrs. should sponsor/send one more Missionary.


1) 1947 H.Zacho
  1. Solomon
2) 1950
3) 1951
4) 1952
5) 1954-60 Khaiko
6) 1961 Rev. Hratlu Nohro
7) 1962
8) 1963 Rev.Ithra Tluma
9) 1964 KT.Thadia Rev. Ithra Tluma
10) 1965 H.Zacho
11) 1966-1969
12) 1970 Rev. KT. Nocho
13) 1971-72
14) 1973 HC.Chilo Rev. J.Haotha
15) 1974 H.Zacho
16) 1975 Rev.K.Itei
17) 1976 Rev. K. Itei
18) 1977 Rev. L. Chhito
19) 1978 Macha S. Zaluaia
20) 1979 Rev. K. Itei Rev. KT. Nocho
21) 1980
  1. Thahro
22) 1981 Vabeiha Hlychho
23) 1982 Rev. N. Haolua
24) 1983 Macha C. Zohupa
25) 1984 Macha PP. Thawla
26) 1985 Rev. NC. Vabeilua Rev. RC. Nohro
27) 1986 Macha PP. Thawla
28) 1987 Km. K. Laihei
29) 1988 Macha PP. Thawla
30) 1989 Macha C. Chhaihlo Rev. Ithra Tluma
31) 1990
  1. Lysa
32) 1991
  1. Vanlalruala
Rev. NC. Vabeilua
33) 1992 Macha H.T. Philip
34) 1993
  1. Pathy
35) 1994 Macha T. Lala
36) 1995 Macha C. Zathanga
37) 1996 Pachi Hlychho Pro. Pastor K. Laichhua Azyu
38) 1997
  1. Pathy
39) 1998 Rev. VL. Ngaia Hlychho Pro. Pastor N. Sanghlui
40) 1999
  1. Vanlalruala
Hamlet Hlychho
41) 2000 Rev. K. Laichhua Azyu
42) 2001-02 Km. KH. Beithie Km. Dr. Hamlet Hlychho
43) 2002-03 Rev. Phosa Chozah Nicholas Chhaihlo
44) 2003-05 Pro. Pastor L. Pheitha
45) 2005-06 Km. P.P. Zalena Pro. Pastor K. Beisa
46) 2006-07 Km. Dr. Sahlu Khaila Pro. Pastor Chhuakhu Khithie
47) 2007-2009 Km. M. Beichi
48) 2009-2011 Km. Beimosa Azyu
49) 2011-2013 Macha V. Samson Ellen Hlychho



The Krizyhpa Nȏ Py, in accordance with the ECM Assembly Constitution chapter 24:2,1, was established so that the women (Mothers) can participate in the ministry of the Lord. The Krizyhpa Nȏ Py which is a women wing within the Evangelical Church of Maraland was founded on 17th May 1951 under the initiation of Mrs. Lorrain, Mrs. Seina Chozah, Mrs. N. Chiapy, Mr. H. Zacho. KNP Headquarter is at Evangelical Church of Maraland Assembly Office, Saiha Mizoram.

Membership: Enrolment to the ECM KNP is allowed to the communicant member of any married women.

Aims and objects of KNP:

1) To assist the mainline Church,
2) To help the needies,
3) To preach the Gospel in every possible ways.

It has a motto : Proverbs 31:30- “but a women who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

Leaders of ECM KNP (H) 2012-2014:

President Mrs. H.C. Nakhai
  1. President
Mrs. K. Zeihne
Secretary Mrs. Lynn H. Ngohei
Asst. Secretary Mrs. H. Zoramthangi
Fin. Secretary Mrs. K. Lawmi
Treasurer Mrs. F. Ngopaw
Senior Advisors Rev. Dr. M. Zakonia
Elder Pachi Hlychho


Projects of KNP:

  1. Motherless Baby Home (MBH): With the permission of KNP Guidelines, Leaders of MBH Managing Board was formed and leaders for the year 2012-2014 are as follows:

Chairman : Mrs. H. Nadaw
Secretary : Mrs. Lynn H. Ngohei


1) Mrs. P. Chaki
2) Mrs. A. Ngotlua
3) Mrs. L. Dawhlei
4) Mrs. L. Nasi
5) Mrs. R. Lianmawii
6) Mrs. S. Lalrimawii
7) Mrs. Zenedy Hlychho


Under the KNP, Motherless Baby Home was established in 1992 which was founded and launched by faith. All the needs and requirements were met by the contribution of all the KNP members and unseen donation by government and volunteers.
At the very year when the Project of KNP, Motherless Baby Home, was inaugurated, 2 babies whose mothers died at their birth were taken in without any expense from their side. Since then every year more children were brought to Motherless Baby Home, mostly whose mothers died at their birth. Since then, children under the care of the KNP have come to 105 in number, 50 girls and 55 boys. Out of which, 11 children were from Myanmar and 13 of them were from neighbor District, Mizoram.

At present there are 16 children of different ages; 9 boys and 7 girls in Motherless Baby Home. There are 7 workers who fully devoted themselves to this Home.

Motherless Baby Home Project Expenditure for 2012-2013

1. MBH Workers Pay (7) 35000X12 Rs. 4,20,000/-
2. MBH Mess 22000X12 Rs. 2,64,000/-
3. Maintenance of MBH Rs. 1,00,000/-
Total Rs. 7,84,000/-


  1. Handful of Rice: Every member of the KNP collect a handful of rice in each of their homes and this collection is the main source of the Mission Fund of the Mainline Church.
  2. Magazine: In 2012, ECM KNP (H) General Conference resolved to publish a Magazine. And the first quarterly Magazine named Dorcas Quarterly Magazine (March-June) was released by Executive Secretary (KNP) on 9th August 2012. Board members of Dorcas Magazine are as follows;


Dorcas Editorial Board members:

Editor in chief Pihnô Lynn H. Ngohei
Editor Pihnô H. Zoramnghingi
Joint Editors Pihnô K. Zeihne
Pihnô Laldingliani Hlychho
Cir. Manager Pihnô K. Dasei
Members Pihnô F. Ngôpaw
Pihnô H. Zoramthangi
Pihnô H. Remliani
Contributors Puhpa A. Zawngia
Legal Consultant Pihnô S. Lalmuanpuii
Publisher Rev. VL. Ngaia Hlychho


Achievements and Activities (Jan 2010 – Dec. 2011)

  1. The KNP Sponsors 3 missionaries
    2. The KNP has Two Concrete buildings and one Assam type. rented by families and is an income for the fellowship
    3. Prayer chain has been observed by all the Branches in the month of April 2010. In April, 2011 24 hours fasting Prayer has also been observed.
    4. In 2011 every member of the KNP contributed one day’s wages for Motherless Baby Home.
    5. In 2010 Leadership Training Seminar has been conducted to all the branches for the KNP Branch leaders. In 2011 Seminar has also been conducted in all the branches with the theme “Justice”.
    6. In 2011 the KNP celebrated Diamond Jubilee.
    7. In following KNP’s Resolution `in 2010 every members of the ECM KNP branch may read out the Holy Bible’. And it was reported that 54 members read out in 2010 and 44 members read out in 2011.
    8. In 2010 every members of KNP contribute one day’s wages for Endoscopy, in 2011 every members of the KNP contribute Rs. 20/- each for Operation Theater material for ECM Hospital’s properties.
    9. In 2011 it was resolved that every KNP branch should give exchange visit other branch out of their villages and all branches have been able to do so, and it was reported that the program was beneficiary to each of them.
    10. As the ECM KNP is one unit of NEICCWA, in following its resolution ‘visiting units within district or states,’ in 14-15 May 2011 Baptist women’s Fellowship visited ECM KNP where as in 20-22 May 2011 the ECM KNP visited Salvation Army women at Lunglei.
    11. In corporation with Government Department i.e. Medical department, ECM KNP made a tour program of visiting every village of Saiha District to give awareness to reduce the Infant Death rate of Saiha District which is very high.

Sources of income (Expected) (2012-2013)


a). General Target Rs. 800000/-
b). House Rent Rs. 148500/-
c). MBH Donation Rs. 120000/-
d). MBH Sunday Contribution Rs. 60000/-
e). MBH Program Rs. 70000/-
f). 2011 Balance Rs. 656075/-
Total Rs. 1854575/-


Proposed Expenditure for 2012-2013

4. MBH Workers Pay Rs. 3,36,000/-
5. MBH Mess Rs. 2,64,000/-
6. Casual Peon’s Pay Rs. 63,600/-
7. 3 Missionaries Pay with Gifts Rs.78,000/-
8. Maintenance of Buildings Rs. 50,000/-
9. Office Expense Rs. 40,000/-
10. Contingencies Rs. 50,000/-
11. T.A. of Town Exe. Meeting Rs. 40,000/-
12. Delegate Fund Rs.50,000/-
13. Donation for ECM Higher School Rs. 20,000/-
14. Completion of Building constn. Rs. 3,00,000/-
15. Maintenance of MBH Rs. 1,00,000/-
16. Reserved Fund Rs. 4,62,975/-
Total Rs. 18,54,575/-



1. KNP Branch 82/-
2. KNP Members 7,000/-


Financial Report for the year 2011

Total income (Jan.2011 – Dec 2011) Rs. 23,25,020/-. Total Expenditure Rs. 16,68,945/-


1. Seina Choza 1951-1963
  1. Chiapy
1963 -1970
  1. Ipaw
1970- 1971
  1. Chiapy
  1. Thangliani
6. Tatlai 1980-1981
  1. Thangliani
  1. Nozi
  1. Nusia
  1. Suipari
11. VLA Mark 1987-1988
  1. Ngochi
  1. Nusei
14. Nola Nohro 1990-1991
  1. Nusei
  1. Siazi
  1. Pari
  1. Nusei
  1. Naphie
  1. Pari
21. Lalsiamkimi 1997-1998
  1. Thanmawii
  1. Sopo
  1. Nadaw
  1. Zeihne
  1. Parthanmawii
  1. Ngotlua
  1. Zohmingthangi
  1. Chaki
  1. Pari
  1. Nakhai



  1. Biakkimi, B.Th
  1. Dasei, B.Th
  1. Biakkimi, B.Th
  1. Dawhniarili, BA BD
  1. Lalhmangaihpari, BA.BD
6. Lynn H. Ngohei, B.Sc. M.Th.(NT) 2012-



The ECM KPP in accordance with the ECM Assembly Constitution chapter 40 was established so that the KPP members can participate in the ministry of the Lord. It is meant for those who are not actively involved in the youth fellowship and those who do not have any proper role in the church technically. It is expected to establish its branches in every local church. The first guide book of KPP was made on Feb, 20, 2009. The headquarters of the ECM KPP is in the ECM Hqrs Office, Siaha.

NAME: The name of the fellowship be “Khrizypa Paw py” (Men’s Christian Fellowship)

Motto: The Motto of the Fellowship was based on Joshua 24:15 “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord”

Membership: Enrolment to ECM KPP member is allowed to the ECM communicant members who are mature enough in all aspects of life.

Ministry: The rules and regulations of ECM enshrined in the rules of ECM Fellowship department ….laid down, the aims and objectives of ECM especially in its ministry which reads

1) To build Christian family.
2) To prepare and build up the spiritual life of ECM men
3) To grow themselves as an useful pillar of the church
4) To work for the welfare of the society as a whole.

Each unit has a separate worship service which falls on every Monday night as per permission of the local church committee; it must not act against the constitution of the local church committee. The ministry undertaken by each unit in various branches might differ from one another according to their ability and circumstances, each unit function under the supervision of each local churches.

In fact, some of the missionaries have also been sponsored by the said fellowship deptt which have separate budgets of their own. The ECM Assembly has appointed one co-ordinator for KPP at the Hqrs office. The present co-ordinator for KPP is Pro. Pastor Setha Solo (2012-2014).


The ECM K.H.P. (Christian Children Fellowship) in accordance with the ECM Assembly constitution, Chapter 5:5.17 was established so that the children can participate in the ministry of the Lord. It was established in the year of 2nd Oct, 1977, the Headquarter of the K.H.P. is in the hands of the ECM Christian Youth Fellowship, K.T.P Hqrs office Siaha.


1) To bring children to Christ
2) To show them the correct Christian ways of living
3) To teach them the correct Christian ways of church ministry
4) To enrich children with Bible verses and Christian songs.


At the ECM Hqrs level, since Feb 2010, one co-ordinator was appointed to look after the whole branches of the Christian fellowship which existed in every local Church. At the Local Church level, every local church has a branch of Christian fellowship; look after by the branch K.T.P (Khrizypa thyutlia py) in collaboration with the Local Church Committee. This committee selects adult leaders to guide the children for a pattern of terms and conditions, and they can be re-elected indefinitely. The following are held by every branch leaders.

1) LEADER: Selected from among the capable adult leader from each local church

2) Asst LEARDER: Who helps the leader as and when necessary

3) SECRETARY: In charge of organizing committee, meetings and doing other correspondences.

4) FINANCE SECY CUM TREASURER: in charge of looking after all the fellowship’s money and to keep an account book audited at the end of the year.

5) Committee members of the fellowship of every branch can be elected through the strength of its members accordingly.

MEMBERSHIP: Every child below the age of 13 years or even above who are still treated as children can become members on their own choices, attendance is taken in every service.

MOTTO: Proverb 1:17. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Knowledge, fool despise wisdom and instruction”

Since 2011, Annual financial target and budget were made by each local church Fellowship to look after the fellowship which has to be approved by the Local church committee.

Co-ordinator: At the Hqrs level, since March 2010, one Co-ordinator to co-ordinate the whole branches within the ECM area is appointed by the ECM Assembly for the term of 3 years. Mrs K. Dasei, Bth is presently holding the post of Co-ordinator at the ECM Hqrs level.