Missions: The evangelical Church of Maraland has launched its own Mission since 1966 on the theme “Founded on prayer, launched by Faith”, depended on the Bible and that of Divine authority.

1. Myanmar Mission: The ECM’s first missionary, Mr. Khosa was sent to Burma (Presently known as Myanmar) in 1st Aug 1966. Now 76 Missionaries are serving among the six ethnic groups Khumi, Myo, Rakhine, Vakums, Ashochin and Lemrochin. There 65 congregations with a total members of about 5000 are being established in the ways of the Lord. This Myanmar Mission is continued to support by Mara Evangelical Church (MEC).

2. Tiwa Missions: The Church has launched the first Evangelical mission work in India Called “Tiwa Evangelical Mission” since 1984 with its station at Pachim Nagoan, Assam. On 22nd November, 2009, the Church had celebrated Silver Jubilee with 31 new believers within the year of 2009. 38 workers (18 Missionaries, 20 Mission workers), 2 native workers with a new converts of 599 are serving there.

Since 1989, the mission has started the School called, “New Life School” commencing from KG till X Standard. This school was recognized by the Assam Government, registration is under process. At present, we have all together 21 teachers and non-teaching staffs. We have 4 Church building in this mission field and 4 staff worker Quarters.

3. Mishing Mission: Started since 24 April, 2000 in partnership with Takam Missing Baptist Kabang (TMBK). In 2003 ECM initiated its own mission filed with its station at Bhaguri, Goalagath Dist.12 missionaries, 6 Native workers are serving having 200 new believers.

4. Nepal Mission: This mission was launched in 2001 and 6 missionaries having about 100 new believers.

5. Chakma Mission: Started since 2001. 4 missionaries with a very few converts. The Chakmas are orthodox Buddhist and are very difficult to win over to Christ.

6. Tripura Mission: Partnership with Tripura Baptist Christian Union since 1990, we have supported 36 missionaries in Tripura mission. T he Tripura field is one of the most receptive of all mission fields. Every year we have 500 new believers.

7. Partnership with IEM,SIM and FMPB: In partnership with the Indian Evangelical Mission with Bangalore as its centre since 1988, we sponsored 26 missionaries in different parts of India and we supported four missionaries of Friends Missionary Prayer Band with Chennai as its headquarters since 2006, and with Serving In Mission (SIM) since1994.

Today, The ECM has sent out 203 Missionaries, and 753 people have taken steps to render their services for God’s Kingdom by sponsoring Missionaries. The main source of the Mission of ECM is “a Handful of Rice” contributed by the Women wing of the Church.

The Latest Mission Statistics available are as follows:

S/No. Name of mission fields No.of missionaries No.of native workers Total
1. The Evangelical Mission (Myanmar) since 1996 4 95 99
2. The Tiwa Evangelical Mission (Since 1994) 8 29 37
3 The Indian Evangelical Mission (Since 1989) 30 30
4. Tripura Mission with TBCU (Since 1991) 12 18 30
5. Serving In Mission (Since 1994) 4 4
6. Chakma Evangelical Mission (Since 2001) 6 2 8
7. Missing Evangelical Mission (Since 2001) 5 12 17
8. Nepal Evangelical Mission (Since 2001) 3 6 8
9. The Friends Missionary Prayer Band (Since 2006) 5 5
10. The Restoration India Mission (Since 2010) 5 5
11. The Arunachal Pradesh (Since 2011) 3 4
Total 44 202 248


The Evangelical Church of Maraland (ECM) was found by Rev. R.A. Lorrain, a pioneer Missionary who came from London and reached our soil on the 26th September, 1907. At present, it has 84 Local Churches with a Membership of 40,583 (as 2011 ECM Assembly report)

The ECM is deeply committed to the task of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others. And the first Missionary Mr.A.Khosa was sent to Khumi Tribe of Myanmar. Now E.C.M Mission is presently supporting 248 Missionaries (including field native workers) in various mission fields.

The ECM Mission also started its House Mission work since, 1981 at present the Mission Employ 6 Home Evangelists and 5 Evangelist Teachers.


Executive Secretary (Missions)
ECM Hqrs: Siaha