From time immemorial, the Maras believed in animism, the belief in a supernatural power that organizes and animates the material universe, the fear of which has constrained them to sacrifice their domestic animals such as mithun, cattle, pig, goat and fowl as an act of appeasement. While they were gripped and enslaved firmly by the power of darkness, on 26th September 1907, the beautiful feet of the Pioneer Missionary couple, namely, the Reverend and Mrs. Reginald Arthur Lorrain of London, with a Christ-centered message of the Gospel, had walked the earth of Maraland for the first time representing the beautiful feet of Jesus Christ who walked the earth throughout the length and breadth of Palestine two thousand years ago in the first century.

Having a definite divine call to evangelize Maraland (Lakher Land), Mr. R.A. Lorrain approached the Baptist Missionary Society with a request to support him financially from the “Arthington funds” in order that he might o to Lakher land, but was turned down. Meanwhile, the thought or desire of continuing the work of his brother James Herbert Lorrain in the Abhor Hills, North-East India, was foiled again as the American Missionary Society has already sent a missionary out there. So, Mr R.A.Lorrain founded an interdenominational and evangelical mission known as the “Lakher Pioneer Mission”on February 11, 1905 with a small committee of friends and himself as the first Founder-Director with a single vision for the evangelization of Maraland.

After completion of a year’s course of Medical training at the David Livingstone Medical College needed for his pioneering works, Mr Lorrain and his newly wedded wife left the cosmopolitan city of London on January 18, 1907 for the land of his future Missionary enterprises via Cape of Good Hope and Colombo by a steamer and reached Calcutta on February 16, 1907 and Lunglei (Serkawn) on March 5, 1907 where his elder brother James Herbert Lorrain was doing pioneering works in the south Lushei Hills, and stayed with him fpr six months before they leave for Maraland, Mr&Mrs. Lorrain left for Saikao (Serkawr) on September 19, 1907 accompanied by James Herbert Lorrain and his wife passing through Paithar where they stayed for a night on September 25, 1907 ruled by a Mara chief. So then, they reached Saikao (Serkawr) after a fatigue and tedious journey on two feet wide path riding pn the Ponies on September 26, 1907 at about 3 Pm. A short while after their arrival, they visited the young chief Thylai Hlychho. The young chief and his Council of elders had permitted them to stay there for the rest of their lives to make it as their future Mission Station.


1. Revd. Reginald Arthur Lorrain (26.09.1907 – 01.02.1944)
2. Mrs. Maud Louise Ulander Lorrain (26.09.1907 – 23.05.1960)
3. Mrs. Marguerite Tlosai Lorrain Foxall (18.09.1909 – 21.06.1968)
4. Revd. Albert Bruce Lorrain Foxall (12.12.1928 – 02.07.1977)
5. Miss Gladys Ramsay (1921 – 09.02.1927)
6. Mrs John Yule Mark, BA (1925 – 1926)
7. Miss Irene E. Hedley (12.12.1928 – 07.12.1934)
8. Miss. Gladys E. Gorst (12.12.1928 – 07.12.1929)
9. Mr. Jelly & Familly (Mary,Susan, Johny) (04.05.1931 – 13.11.1931)
10. Revd. (Mrs) Violet Louise Anne Mark (16.04.1938 –



The Revd. R.A. Lorrain called the church he founded as the “Mara Church” without giving any denominational name like the Church of England, and is continued to be used till 1960 even after his death in1944. It was changed to “lakher Independent Evangelical Church” on March 26, 1960 at the last Presbytery meeting held at Lorrain Ville Church, proposed by the Revd. Albert Bruce Lorrain-Foxall and approved by the members unanimously. The much- needed constitution and rules were drafted by the appointed committee and put up before the General Assembly held at Kiesie Church for approval in 1961. However the word “Lakher” was dropped and replaced by the word, “Mara” at the Chakhei Assembly held in 1967 as it was not acceptable tour church in Myanmar due to unavoidable circumstances. Thus the Name of the Church became the “Mara Independent Evangelical Church”, which was again changed into the “Independent Church of Maraland” by the Assembly held at Zyhno Church in 1976 by mistake dropping the word, ‘evangelical’. Finally, we have the name of the “Evangelical Church of Maraland” as proposed by the planning commission of 1987 and approved by the Assembly held at New Siaha Church in 1989. The change of the name does not mean instability but growth of the church in order to keep up with a changing World and to preserve its distinctive evangelical identity.


Missions: The evangelical Church of Maraland has launched its own Mission since 1966 on the theme “Founded on prayer, launched by Faith”, depended on the Bible and that of Divine authority.

  1. Myanmar Mission: The ECM’s first missionary, Mr. Khosa was sent to Burma (Presently known as Myanmar) in 1st Aug 1966. Now 76 Missionaries are serving among the six ethnic groups Khumi, Myo, Rakhine, Vakums, Ashochin and Lemrochin. There 65 congregations with a total members of about 5000 are being established in the ways of the Lord. The salary for all the missionaries in Myanmar mission is contributed by the Evangelical Church of Maraland, General Administration and all other tasks in concern with the church activities are tended by the Mara Evangelical Church (MEC, Mara church in Myanmar). As per the agreement, the final decision in regards with the appointment of the missionaries in Myanmar mission will be authorized by the MEC.
  2. Tiwa Missions: The Church has launched the first Evangelical mission work in India Called “Tiwa Evangelical Mission” since 1984 with its station at Pachim Nagoan, Assam. On 22nd November, 2009, the Church had celebrated Silver Jubilee with 31 new believers within the year of 2009. 38 workers (18 Missionaries, 20 Mission workers), 2 native workers with a new converts of 599 are serving there.

Since 1989, the mission has started the School called, “New Life School” commencing from KG till X Standard. This school was recognized by the Assam Government, registration is under process. At present, we have all together 21 teachers and non-teaching staffs. We have 4 Church building in this mission field and 4 staff worker Quarters.

  1. Mishing Mission: Started since 24 April, 2000 in partnership with Takam Missing Baptist Kabang (TMBK). In 2003 ECM initiated its own mission filed with its station at Bhaguri, Goalagath Dist.12 missionaries, 6 Native workers are serving having 200 new believers.
  2. Nepal Mission: This mission was launched in 2001 and 6 missionaries having about 100 new believers.
  3. Chakma Mission: Started since 2001. 4 missionaries with a very few converts. The Chakmas are orthodox Buddhist and are very difficult to win over to Christ.
  4. Tripura Mission: Partnership with Tripura Baptist Christian Union since 1990, we have supported 36 missionaries in Tripura mission. T he Tripura field is one of the most receptive of all mission fields. Every year we have 500 new believers.
  5. Partnership with IEM,SIM and FMPB: In partnership with the Indian Evangelical Mission with Bangalore as its centre since 1988, we sponsored 26 missionaries in different parts of India and we supported four missionaries of Friends Missionary Prayer Band with Chennai as its headquarters since 2006, and with Serving In Mission (SIM) since1994.

Today, The ECM has sent out 203 Missionaries, and 753 people have taken steps to render their services for God’s Kingdom by sponsoring Missionaries. The main source of the Mission of ECM is “a Handful of Rice” contributed by the Women wing of the Church.

Hospital: Following the practically beneficial legacy of its pioneer missionaries Rev & Mrs R.A. Lorain who first introduced healing ministry through dispensaries and health-care centre in Maraland, The Church they established helps in maintaining the bequest of doing service in the field of healing ministry. Having one Civil Hospital in Siaha town which did not suffices, the concern Committee of the ECM reconsidered the problems and the need of the people of Maraland, resolved to run Hospital on 9th October 1996, and only after 14 years of planned it could be materialized and inaugurated on 23rd November 2005 at Siaha town. At present, The Evangelical Church of Maraland is tending after one hospital of its own called “MARALAND GOSPEL CENTENARY HOSPITAL (MGH). The Hospital is a six-storey building located at New Colony, the heart of Siaha town.

The present condition of the ECM hospital in brief:

No. of Beds – 60

Total No. of Staffs Employed – 42

Doctors: 5 (3 Full Time; 2 Part time)

Other Para – Medical Staffs

  • Nurse 15 ( sister-1; staff nurse – 14)
    • Laboratory Technician – 3
    • X-Ray Technician – 1
    • Medicine Seller – 3
    • 4th Grade – 11
    • LDC – 1
    • Receptionist – 2


  • Surgery Dept
    • Maternity & Gynaecology
    • Casualty Dept
    • OPD (Out Patient Dept)
    • Pharmacy Dept
    • General Dept

Facilities Available:

  • Ultrasonography
    • X-Ray
    • Endoscopy
    • Colonoscopy
    • Laboratory
    • ECG

SCHOOLS: The General Assembly of the ECM resolved to establish Schools in Maraland. In 1982, the Church inaugurated a High School by name “The Evangelical Church of Maraland School” (ECM school). Now this school is divided into three sections, they are, 1) ECM Higher Secondary School 2) ECM High School, and 3) ECM middle School. The Number of Teachers and Staffs altogether are 33.

ORPHANAGE HOME: Christian Women Fellowship (ECM KNP), one of the most important wings of The Evangelical Church of Maraland has taken up the projects to care for the orphans. ECM KNP regarded taking up this project as “following the footsteps of Jesus Christ” and therefore began “Motherless Baby Home” project since 1992. They have constructed a building and began to adopt 95 children since then. At present there are children under care and also workers.


* To witness the Lord Jesus Christ in India and abroad, and plant His Church.
* To nurture the believers toward their spiritual maturity
* To encourage Christian fellowship and corporate worship.
* To help the Christians to become a good and responsible citizens of the country.
* To promote co-operation, unity and joint venture with other churches and Christian organizations.
* To participate in relief and development service and other humanitarian services.

Statistics of The Evangelical Church Of Maraland:

1. No. of Local Churches 85
2. No. of Houses 6860
3. Total Members 39484
4. No. of Male Members 19478
5. No. of Female Members 19849
6. Communicant Members 24060
7. Male Communicant 12668
8. Female Communicant 11392
9. Church Elders 805
10. Church Deacons 566
11. No. of literate Members 27696
12. No. of Male Literate Members 14397
13. No. of Female Literate Members 13299
14. Ministers/Pastors 39
15. Office Staffs